A Skipper’s First Mate Is Self Reliance

alternating-step flexible ladder


Mast Mate is an alternating-step flexible ladder made of 2 inch-wide nylon webbing. The sewn tensile strength of the webbing is 3,000 pounds…

Tool bag workbelt


The design is similar to a linesman’s belt, consisting of an adjustable waist belt with a tool bag conveniently affixed at the back and a tether strap that goes around the mast and clips back onto the opposite side of the belt…


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Mate Climbing


I take pride in introducing you to Mast Mate, an efficient, single-handed, patented mast climbing device and the practical Tool Bag Workbelt. Combined, they make going aloft and working a simple, easy and, most importantly, safe experience. As a sailor, I know that going aloft is a serious matter, be it at the dock or underway. The quality of Mast Mate and the Workbelt reflect that belief. All our ladders and Tool Bag Workbelts are made in the U.S.A with quality materials and meticulous craftmanship. Whether you cruise, day sail or race, mast maintenance is a chore that cannot be overlooked. If it is, you will pay the price in time and money, or worse! Mast Mate can be rigged in five minutes and climbed in less time than that. Combined with the Workbelt securing you to the mast, small repairs like changing a bulb or fixing a wind indicator, as well as larger jobs, such as replacing shrouds or varnishing can be attended to without assistance. No more winching; no more scouting the dock for help; no more not quite being able to reach the masthead. Over the years, we have supplied the Mast Mate Climbing System to Single Handed Transpac Racers, as well as to a number of challengers in the Ostar Races. A single hander has no one but himself to count on. I am sure you will find the Mast Mate Climbing System the best method for climbing and working aloft.

On The Water Online Magazine Review. Click to see video.

All in all I am very pleased with the Mast Mate. The Workbelt was marvellous. Being able to use 2 hands for work and still be secure was great.


Of all the methods I prefer the Mast Mate to the others and here’s why: using ascenders are just too dangerous, the ATN Mast Climber requires too much exertion…



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