Got the Mast Mate a couple weeks ago and finally put it to work.

We added a Cradle Cover from Doyle Sails to our boat and I had to go to the 2nd set of spreaders to put pad eyes and blocks in for the lazy jacks.  While I wasn’t at the very top or waving, this was the pic my wife took.  Very comfortable working up there.  The harness and pouch worked well, holding me and a portable drill securely.

We were still on the hard in the marina.  People would walk by and shake their heads.  Cathy told me they were shaking them because they said THEY WOULDN’T be up there.  One guy asked about it and I said it was safer and more comfortable than a bosn’s chair and you don’t need help.  We had a couple chairs in the past and always had to recruit deck apes to hoist me up.  I had sent my daughter up once and wished I had an assistant ape!

Great product.  Quality built.  Well worth the money.  Cathy said it paid for itself already.

A bad day on the boat, is better than a good day at work!