I used the 27′ mast mate last weekend.

I had a couple of difficulties.

It was only just long enough – had to position it very carefully to be able to get to the first step from standing on the mast winches, and having the top step high enough for removing the backstay. I think I’ll add a couple of folding steps at the bottom.
Although I could raise my foot enough for each successive step I had some difficulty getting my foot far enough back to not push the step up with my toe. Once I had raised the step this way I had to go down a couple of steps to push it down and try again. I had to lean back somewhat to get my toe to clear the step, and that was a little scary. My inseam is not particularly short, I could certainly be more flexible.

I thought that the clips holding the webbing to the mast slides seemed a little flimsy, and I shall probably whip them on.

I discovered that light shoes (rather than boots) and shorts (rather than jeans) helped, and I finally succeeded in getting to the top and removing the backstay.

All in all I am very pleased with the Mast Mate.
The Workbelt was marvellous. Being able to use 2 hands for work and still be secure was great.

Best Regards,