Mast Mate is a dependable secure mast-climbing device; however, its ultimate safety depends on proper use and good judgment. Mast Mate is not ready to use as received. Please, carefully follow directions for use.

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Attaching Mast Mate:

  1. Attach correct slides or slugs (supplied by you) to shackles provided; attach shackles to grommet at each step. For a snugger fit, whip slides or slugs directly to grommets. Put battens into pockets on top adjacent steps.
  2. Remove mainsail from track.
  3. Halyard used to raise the Mast Mate must be of sufficient strength and condition to support climbers’ weight.
  4. Attach halyard shackle to D-ring and feed slides onto the track. Each step grommet should have a track slide. Replace track slide stop, leave excess Mast Mate on deck.
  5. Pull Mast Mate up all the way to mast head or place double steps where you wish to work.
  6. Secure halyard firmly.
  7. Attach down haul to the last step’s grommet. This is optional since body weight will take out initial stretch.
  8. If the steps are jamming on the lower shrouds, tape the steps in the closed position and open them as you ascend.

Climbing Mast Mate

  1. DO NOT USE Mast Mate FREESTANDING (unattached to track).
  2. Climb with your arms AROUND THE MAST shoulder high, keeping body vertical, butt in, parallel to the mast. DO NOT GRAB THE STEP ABOVE !!!
  3. If available, an additional spare halyard can be attached to the climber as a safety line.
  4. At desired work location, secure yourself to the mast with a harness or belt, preferably the Mast Mate work-belt designed for this purpose. DO NOT PUT YOUR LEGS THROUGH THE STEPS !!!!

Storing Mast Mate

  1. After use, coil the Mast Mate in the manner received rolled from the bottom up folding each step upwards. This way the steps will open properly when next used. After extended storage stretch open each step as you raise the Mast Mate.
  2. Do not leave Mast Mate exposed to the sun for long non-use periods.

MAST MATE IS FULLY GUARANTEED. If you have problems or questions please call us.


Directions for the Workbelt

  1. This work-belt was specifically designed for use with your Mast Mate, but would also prove helpful for boson chair stability or for use in conjunction with permanent affixed steps.
  2. On inspection of the work-belt, please take note of how the webbing is fed through the buckle and the adjusters for the D ring strap. This is the best and safest configuration when the belt is in use. Your life depends on it.
  3. Before going aloft, adjust the waist belt for a snug fit and adjust the D ring strap on deck by securing it around your mast with feet in the approximate double step working position and adjusting for distance from the mast.
  4. The Velcro strap is for securing the D ring in an out-of-the-way position when climbing or descending the mast. Store the work-belt as received, straps folded into the bag. It stowes snuggly with the Mast Mate in the storage bag.
  5. Although some use it this way, the workbelt is not intended to take the place of a climbing safety harness.
  6. As with the Mast Mate, the workbelt is fully guaranteed for customer satisfaction.