ease of using mastmate ladder

I went up the mast using MastMate today, in order to repair the wind speed indicator.  Here are my takeaways:


1) Ascent was much faster than using prusiks or a jumar, and did not require any winching.

2) The battens in the top steps made it easy to stand and get the work done.

3) I used the MastMate work belt to carry tools and a retrieval line in case I needed to haul up any additional tools or lower the MHU prior to climbing down.  The strap around the mast provides a secure brace while working.

4) Next time I will probably use a chest harness clipped in to the halyard safety “belay” just in case I lost a grip on the steps above while climbing (avoiding a potential “topsy-turvy” situation.


Overall, a great product that will be my gold standard for ascending the mast from now on!


Thanks, Ken

Kenneth Herd