Sail Batten Stiffeners



Even I will admit that one of the difficulties in using the mast mate while standing and doing work in the top adjacent steps is foot fatigue. This is caused by the very thing that makes the mast mate so safe to climb, the flexible webbing that surrounds and grips your feet as you climb. But, when you stand in the steps for any length of time, this grip and flexing also causes foot fatigue . In the past this has been dealt with by finding ways to lessen the pressure on the feet by either leaning back in the workbelt or climbing harness or by sitting in the bosuns chair. Now there is a way to even lessen this pressure more by using a stiffener in the bottom of the top double steps. The stiffener is a strip of sturdy sail batten stock with rubber cap ends which slides securely into a pocket formed by the double webbing reinforcer. This provides a stiff bottom on the adjacent top steps which prevents them from collapsing around the foot. A pair of stiffeners is now included with every Mast Mate at no additional cost.

For those already owning a Mast Mate, it is possible to take advantage of the stiffeners by merely taping them to the inside bottom part of the top adjacent steps. A pair of the stiffeners can be purchased for 10 dollars including S & H HERE.